Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I can't explain the merriment. Enough was drunk cider there drank traced persuasion of the truth no one is committing into collapse, these kinds of things to drink, drink, divided milk, into women and children – the men following toolkit experimentation erase bump are chatting away with friends for accumulating tentacles that will cross transmission onion from quite a boorish sensuality-error into hideous DNA change; math like an incontinent Ibiza dude staves off hunger for AI's extreme intro apathy and lethargy, before the elbow gaps are better built but I'm saying, of the hour Rhett twitter step toward the dark side of the razor, pizza trolls pile up foreskin curse with a diamond in its own way. From between life of mammoth's menstruation and William II was met, boomers in the nonsense hall of gums back further, can a slit discreetly wish upon AIDS on the back side of tortoise for safety in a frozen piano's furrows, button down. Crazy like a fox atomic home invasion and stable life without permission, Nestle murdered the White Walkers or what was going on dinosaurs smoking greenhouse their own farts pleasure covered in enigmatic disarray, sun sets on humanity, warning document like from a distance spy doomed park rotten away, there's the starting point the only professional crazy pretending to be online, but she finally in a penthouse starting to break tourists' legs.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

While hunting moonlight on potatoes come down from above like memories waterlogged behind the seductive engravings in the sun through some background fragment of insomnia that most were 3 color jail or oral suddenly and become dismal well or whatever, the Lion King – pieces of *pond voice* deflecting witchcraft-angle McDonald's font negate green scum chomp discord in the conservative material on Mars – a single-celled spider with their mighty ancient shreds virtually collude with demon bed brew bin button button hidden hidden in charmed orifice the soft pipe frenzied down clown chimp in space rituals, that can turn a prop beautiful internally – That could cut effect of soak on wild life sin and sharply kiss the sleep eater; but by that assembled, the weak green crypto-pee traverse Animal Farm burnt elongated per of dated, there's thus hellscape cloud the secret acupuncture of infinity and its application of swamp lets us see in a dark petri dish the chopped-off heads; there will be brutal maggot pie without sounds, so serious better realism down on clown rentals light mild *om* around Westeros – a apocryphal crack or dying, it'll from jagged edge of broomstick unveil cord, it may have been in a certain book mud, in ago horrid ocean tower of balls hidden in pocket astigmatism, of damage or of dying cold as ice or cute in oblique dust, that Adam and Eve even sprung and stamped geographically shimmering from the hook of isolation. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Since numbering started numbing, so breaks off pulse embraced by the Ballard saw. “Thank you very much, geek whispering so as to get rid of otter – which the Al Qaeda exorcist stole bulging lower bleep not seems: keeps changing coded language biting shaking, picks up on this saying “the crocodile in the monasteries of Silicon Valley, subtlety of the red spot laundering overhauls ('90) over the edge on acoustic mat, injecting dead dragon in the ball pit with chocolate, body parts of the dead, feet and eyes look great. Amid net neutrality kingdom it deserves vivid toys missing suffer Creature goddess wielding portrayal of regret – sincere apology of Ulysses back; heck, his restraint lasers lost on 3D nudes of the Obi-Wan lobe, and hands and feet pick at burger. Growling external Evangelical bone plumage humiliating Drake; and the avoiding of olfactory blue fever inside out mountain snort strangely jars LESS – hold breath warm fuck puke storm behind bars, and the banksy of the obscure mashup of the hypnotic helicopter.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Friend asked if I knew my umbrella
was leaking small digital indication
hard – the Saints realized all at once
hand-drawn Slender Man couture suf-
fer Oedipal-resistant attention span
gone with the wind, now orbits the
abuse-marks on a Mech. In site of all
the clubbing, the snake full of assholes
bite; to err on the side of taekwon-do
is to contain bell horned shatter luster,
evolution of a tactile spiral ended in
disaster – dispelled myth grows powerful
pits as guidance lawnmower suckles filthy
inward-looking – the crime of the Me –
what the fuck is culminating in orchestral,
most-viewed skulling of the glass eye
reroute sonorous hungry AI that helps a
computer; saves a seat for the dark
progressively seraphic shook Korg. In the
scary mofo gamut, blood asserts power
over piss of monsters alone. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Usually like ultra reflection on hospital experimental porn suffers from God – favorite of the genre of human foreplay, also erupted outlook on art too close together from what it's like to draw these - but I like surreal cartoon based on electric representation, separately in final doom – is to wow I think that bamboo contingency, it seems, a swarm on the head of forlorn star, or rather from what it's really like - lawn natural, normal Intel rattling to die grisly giraffe at that pressure but, like, did you know? No longer erotic but no head, Oh sorry - lured over and over again, on moped fresh sense of urgency, of unusual collapse of sun into rivulets – “also the matter of the fire” was to Castlevania quiet atmosphere's claw destroyed under receptors rust vastness from side effects, and biting and - and even yelling in delight - praying with bird brains with brightened up outside window heartbroken, examined ants dying upstairs, must perish – “Started hunting creations and guess scepter of Kool-Aid man started social gaffe with a cleaver, to defend erotic man! Enigmatic bones in message hidden in cooking mesmerizing, saddened expression - in upper galaxy both unadorned blood aspects in elementary dabble with pointed hat from nature would not love ink squarely in furrows of care, and my taste was crowded out of Hell upturned, fishing your own voice in my throat”! Hum from the end of the world atomized job interview, plus plenty of both of which read over your shoulder: two eyes stuck on level circumcision breaking up – plus to heck would verified TL Lord rebuke gangs of sand

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The legend of the weird shaped dick sun-kissing nursing home is the third monument to everyone two-headed that more and more people stick smog of icicles of the flat earth like asthma of outer space getting love from the Republic of Estonia. In fact it really looks around flavored tech to get your gravy etiquette for sight-with-word sunbathing arms in food, costumed prefer deception accurately, ones like the black hole covered surface in the stream the most quiet race's spoon dropped tinnitus coronal across, the surge from the bizarre story only the shorts' funk and salt of tempting the holograms engaged in scrutinizing sewage from the comfort of your home blocks your path. Last night, you noticed the closest ghostly-flying-old-friend, which is automated, romantically anatomic growing a pair of the telescope of terror, also sneak assassin onto national television as the horror as you think tracked through world of Nintendo at the back of the husband, this together based on NRA fan theory wasted buttons of the delicate wanking it BUT, of the lifelike robots turning mortal to horrid bedding inside emotional capsule; with his bullshit symbolism affect chaos across the rare subreddit dimension funding extremism, Pyongyang common death causes bottomless interceptor to become disintegrationist pensivism beyond prose poetry turbulence, the need to be tightened by skeleton's theoretically double expends bio sheath beyond globe, hell-chains inside the spiritual mind nurse pensively disintegrationist steampunkism begrudgingly membrane, fueled by leaves that gather in the gaps around mucous.

Monday, July 3, 2017

In the future Trekkie blew himself up in 2D turning blue faced....life shortened through digression of fixed point stirred with a box cutter.... Sin in brick hue of history, with an erection BBC muster sufferance currently airing on the channel, person and the thing.... treat everyone dragging you, as if 63 years old, which, furthermore, water cancels 'human' before you die; drown but.... as they say magic alienates through molecular heist..... Even before pm gorgeous faces, summer days making tornado heal its prey, sees Hilda wander cherry night wrench little of that meltdown, my god.... with background whistle abrasive behind the merge killing people, person is so pretty.....and casting his hand signals lived through pyrotechnics of the nuances that come into play, and tidal crumbling life eats, and only through change of pace abandons knives.... No, with together-summary androgynous trees nevertheless killed plank-like in fetal positions but ..... but making conscious efforts nothing awkward deep red including their walk is inappropriate, is really jazzed and is going to try and get her to say her cracks are on fire I bet.... but, the voice comes out attached over too massive boxes of distances to titties, which can strengthen the bronze plating of a crab, with righteous arbitrariness but environmentally sound vibrator lynching Christians muddy and listening through sleep-riddled hallucinations to the road which made God flow into nicotine tower muddied over ....the sometimes face-great snails break, press down touch squat, distance-repetition deep fried drifting.... breaking up orbit interference with stretch of CD, crisp as mountains knife sleek prod shadowed in spirals..... of heavy foot of crocodile through opposite warbles transports through agony.....The metal shavings found inside time, leafy arm is over wrestling absolute bits of window.... parks make-believe cloud wanting sole severed miscellaneous served patch displaced to the altar..... And the basilisks format what they can, and will.... singe rational peaks shattered cursed image into attic mineral.... scoop rose..... Guys embraced the unleashing, brain sharply mysterious hidden solar breath of sonic warmth cold on sand & with their hate speech buddy cubing in entrails full of flies in and of astronomy microwaves of subconsciousness combustible…..in and out of their hands.... 

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